Founded under the auspice of “We Take Care of Us,” Good Trouble Cooperative (formerly BLM & H St. Cooperative) has engaged in dozens of events centered around collaborating with other grassroots organizations and serving those in need throughout Washington, D.C. 


We bring community members together and connect local groups in efforts to distribute food and resources as we dismantle systems of oppression. We thread various strands of the movement together in strength, connection, and solidarity - recognizing the intersectionality of oppression. We celebrate each other and lift each other up. 


We believe in the abolition of the inherently racist police state and fight on the ground to disrupt the policing of our communities. We support protestors with legal funds, supplies, and food. We work to divert funds from the carceral state and push for reinvestment into our communities. We show up for each other in a system that does not protect us, and we keep us safe.

The Co-op stands in solidarity with community members throughout D.C. where dearths of justice need to be filled. The Co-op continues to strive to meet people where they are and provide support while ensuring that people feel safe, valued and uplifted as human beings.


In addition to community solidarity, The Co-op has engaged in mutual aid over the course of 2020 with plans to expand our efforts. In tandem with They/Them Collective, The Co-op has participated in weekly Feed the People mutual aid at DuPont Circle on Saturdays by distributing food and clothing to those experiencing housing insecurity and economic strife. The Co-op serves basic needs through winter care package distribution as well as community free stores.


We understand that systems of oppression can be resisted through community-sufficiency; Which is why we continue to support the community through finding a need and meeting it whether it comes in the form of weekly jail support, food distribution, or showing up through protest.


Good Trouble Co-op is an inclusive community-based organization working locally in the DMV area to provide mutual aid and advocate for social justice.


It means that resources that would have gone to an already militarized police force would instead go back into the community. This means more funding for homeless shelters, housing, healthcare, mental health, food, infrastructure, etc. We can imagine a world without cops. Can you?